We all are familiar with the word “massage” but we haven’t researched its history. In which century the technique of massage therapy started? how it gains evolution?. In this article, we are going to discuss the history of massage. The word massage is derived from the Arabic word “Massa”. The meaning of the word “Massa” is to “touch”. The massage therapy has a very ancient history, in many historical books massage therapy exists. The fighters of Greek and Rome used this technique to relax their bodies. This technique is very useful till now as modern science cannot take its place. This technique is used to prevent many diseases and disorders. We can find traces of massage therapy in ancient, Indian and Chinese history. The traces of massage also exist in Japanese history. Many historians believe that massage techniques originated from China because according to Chinese history, massage exists in China from 3 millennium B.C. In India massage is present with another name which is known as “Ayurveda”. Ayurveda massage originated from ancient India and all historians agree on this point. Ayurvedic massage is slightly different from traditional massage as it involves herbs and herbal oils. In this massage, the movements are different as compared to other traditional massages. Today instruments and devices are trying to take the place of massage therapies. Massage with hands has proved a successful treatment in the pages of history. Even today most of the people prefer to take massage service from a therapist rather than a massage machine. In India, Ayurvedic massage is considered as one of the great treatments of that time. The word “Ayurvedic” is a Sanskrit word which means “knowledge of life”. In India, there are many temples present where traditional massage therapies are still practised. Massage therapy in some situations is a better way to treat diseases. Babies are given massage therapy by their mothers in India regularly to make their bones strong. The first-ever researched paper of massage in the field of science was written by Peter Henrich ling who was a Swedish physician. He researched massage because when he fell ill with rheumatic pain(pain in joints and muscles) and none of the doctors found its cure so at that time Ling was treated by two French men who applied some massage therapy on him and after some sessions, Ling felt a huge improvement. During the last 50 years massage has taken a special place in medical science and today many top physicians of the world are treating people with modern massage techniques as well as with traditional techniques. Massage is getting evolution day by day. Physicians, doctors and medical science is working to know more about new techniques of massage. Massage had gotten huge popularity in Egypt in ancient times by Greeks and Romans. Egypt is the very first country which opened its gates for massage. Every country in the world has its own unique and traditional massage therapy. Foot massage, neck massage, collar massage and  Back massage are very common and popular techniques of massage.

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