We asked Colombo’s most compelling vegetarians to suggest us their preferred veggie lover restaurants. Here is the list of top 10 vegan restaurants in Colombo’s which they think you should try when you are in Colombo.

  1. Sri Vaishnavi Vihar

Address: 13, 52 Kotahena St, Colombo 01300, Sri Lanka                     Phone Number: +94 112334 096  

Order a table full of the most popular dishes of south Indian delicious food such as idly, dosai vadais, curry, biryani, chowpati, vegetable rice, poori, lasi and fresh juices at the spot. The well-organized sitting arrangement, cooling atmosphere and variety of dishes in the menu. Every menu thing is effectively recognizable as gluten free, veggie lover, or vegan, which makes picking a heavenly feast simple, in any event, for the pickiest of eaters.

  1. Thalis Restaurant Indian Vegetarian Cusine

Address: 05, 155 Park Rd, Colombo 00500, Sri Lanka             Phone number: +94 112 586 000

South Indian vegan thali and dosa restaurant. Aside from a couple of dishes with ghee or curd, the rest are veggie lover. Utilizations numerous sorts of vegetables. It is completely vegan restaurant that has options from both south and North Indian food.

  1. Shanmugas 

53/3 Ramakrishna Rd, Colombo 00600, Sri Lanka             Phone number: +94 112 361 384

South Indian restaurant having variety range of food with friendly environment and nice having nice sitting arrangements with the service of air conditioning. You will approximately found all kinds of South and North Indian food here. Fresh juices also available in low prices.

  1. Dwaraka Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Address37 Jaya Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka                      Phone number+94 112 081 168

Dwaraka is an Indian vegan restaurant which serves contemporary North Indian and South Indian food.They have paneer kathi roll, sambar vadai, masala dosa, veg biryani and fresh juices. They have very large parking area. They also have outside sitting arrangements.

  1. Sri Suryas Hotel

Address: 255 Sea St, Colombo 01100, Sri Lanka                                              Phone number: +94 112 424 789

Top notch vegan restaurant. Uniquely they provide diabetes food. What’s more, featuring the zest nourishments independently in the menu. Costs are a lot higher. Yet, great incentive for cash. Separate seating zone and they also have a family area. Great spot for family eating. Completely cooled restaurant.

  1. Amirthaa Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: 4/1, 1, 115 Colombo Galle Main Rd, Colombo 00400                   Phone number: +94 112 593 447

A vegetarian place to not miss for a tea or meal in the heart of Bamba. The hotel is large and can handle many people as the same time without extra delay. Prices are reasonable and food is delicious. You will al kinds of Indian food there.

  1. Mysoor Vegetarian Restaurant

Address235 Galle Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka                                                     Phone number: +94 114 267 011

This plain eatery can be discovered on Galle Road. Here you can appreciate beverages and heavenly dishes in a decent climate. Indeed, even meat eaters come here for the veggie lover Indian curry bitterballs and vegetarian clam mushroom-shawarma.

  1. Ammachi Vegetarian Food

Address: 65 Hampdon Ln, Colombo 00600, Sri Lanka                                   Phone number+94 76 750 2047

At Ammachi you get the Indian taste, yet additionally the veggie lover one! Try not to anticipate any fish or meat, since this café serves 100% vegan dishes. A genuine heaven for the veggie lovers among us.

  1. Gandhi Lodge

Address: 200 Galle Rd, Colombo, Sri Lanka                                                               Phone+94 112 360 072

Great taste veggie lover food effortlessly. You can’t locate some other great spot in Wellawatta aside from this. Great spot for road side veggie lover food. Continuously pressed brimming with crowd. Incredible decisions of veggie lover food, for example, biriyani, tomato, bringjol rice accessible at noon. Costs are entirely sensible.

  1. The Vegan

If you want to relax and have a coffee, read a book, hangout with friends or your love, this is the best place in town. Also you can have delicious vegan foods from this restaurant. This place is epic guys the food is absolutely phenomenal. The entire food range is Vegan as they define themselves and trust me even if u are a non-vegan you will never notice the difference. The service is excellent! The cuisine is in international standard and with a huge variety so no matter where you are from the world I suggest you to visit once and dine