In the past vacationing was an expensive affair, modern technology brought invention such as Uber and Airbnb which have greatly reduced transport and accommodation costs. 

What of restaurants? You may ask, hotels and restaurants are not left behind. Here we look at the most affordable restaurants you can visit while in Sri Lanka.

  1. Peri Peri Kukula

Peri Peri Kukula is a spicy food restaurant with several outlets in Sri Lanka. Peri Peri Kukula literary means “extra hot” 

Peri Peri Kukula offers a simple menu. Their speciality is hot spiced flame grilled chicken and they also offer vegetarian and vegan meals. While their make sure to try their main courses with extra hot peri peri sauce and grilled sweet corn which will cost you less than $3.

  1. The Chaat Kade

The Chaat Kade is a restaurant in Sri Lanka capital city Colombo that specializes in mixture of potato pieces (chaat), masala tea (chai) and other Indian vegetarian street food delicacies. A whole meal comprising of mixture of rice puffs, masalas, and potato will cost a dollar $ 1. 

  1. Momo’s by Ruvi

Momo’s by Ruvi is a quaint restaurant located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Momo’s by Ravi is a restaurant that specialises in momos, momos are steamed dumplings with fillings with pickled radish and carrots. Momos are a Tibetan dish quickly gaining reputation in Sri Lanka restaurants.

At Momo’s by Ravi the a meaty momo fiesta sells for $7 and affords you 2 meats that will be cooked in all 3 ways, while the platter range from $4-$6 depending on the meat.  

  1. Rauf Nana’s

Rauf Nana’s is a Sri Lanka tent based restaurant that operates along the Galle face green, an ocean side urban park in Colombo. Nana’s has been in business since 1989. 

Rauf Nana’s is best known for its halal Kottu (roti and vegetables, egg and/or meat,) and barbeque. The tents are opened from 4:00 pm in the evening – 1:00 am in the morning. A sumptuous meal of Kottu will just cost you $ 1.35.

  1. Curry Pot

Curry pot is a restaurant in Sri Lanka that specialises in authentic Sri Lankan cuisines. Curry Pot Restaurant has a variety of delicious vegetarian selection.

A hearty meal with a taste of real Sri Lanka food will cost about $ 2.35 this will include six prawns, chicken, a haalmassa baduma, gotukola malluma, curry, pol-sambol, and pappadam.

  1. Indo Ceylon Café & Dosa King

Indo Ceylon Café and Dosa King is a Sri Lanka restaurant located at Galle road in Colombo. The restaurant is a popular stop for fluffy, soft and tasty vegetarian dosas (rice pancakes). This small cafe is easy to locate and has become popular for its great vegetarian food, a comfortable atmosphere, and pocket-friendly prices. 

A generous portion of dosa and a sweet glass of tea will cost less than $1.50. The restaurant truly lives up to its billing of fantastic vegetarian food at street food prices.