Restaurants that caters for vegans have gained popularity, and it so doing it is most likely that they win custom of groups booking. It usually take a few changes to the normal menu to satisfy a vegan, some of the changes are made using locally available products which are readily available in an open market. Vegan restaurants are profitable business venture and more than often vegan foods have bonus and are cheaper than the normal restaurants thus profits are much higher.

In the vegan community a word spread much faster moreso when a new vegan restaurant is introduced in a place. Loyal customers encourages those who are non vegan to try vegan food, they even go to am extend of inviting them to vegan restaurants. For instance in Australia vegans are campaigning for more vegan items in menus so as to increase convenience, acceptability and accessibility of vegan based products. According to research carried out by Euromonitor International, it found that Australia is the third fastest growing vegan market in the world.

Australian vegan have planned to offer help to veganise some of their meal, for some particular restaurants they intend to send vegan version of the meal and a list of places to find vegan ingredients. They’ve also published a list in pamphlets and websites of vegan friendly promise scheme. This has made it possible for vegan restaurants to compete without hurting financially.

Plant based consumers are actively in search of food that mimic meat and dairy but purely plant based product. In response to the urgent urge chefs and other cooks have been trying to redesign their menus to fit into the rising market by infusing traditional menu with the modern ones. In so doing customers have come strong to praise them for going out of their way to cater for their needs.

Coming up with an exact figure of how many vegan there are is very tricky since people combine vegans, vegetarian and plant based diet into one category even though there is a major diffe can, although some of the most developed nation’s reports that there are between 2-8% vegan population, it is estimated that globally vegan are relatively below 1% of the population. A recent study showed that there are about 6% vegan population which translate to about 19.6 million people, this figures are thus self reported. What surprises more is the fact that most of vegans falls in the low income earners.