Gone are the days when eating options were limited for the vegans when dining out. As now
vegetarian restaurants are coming up with great menu options to choose from giving
much-needed relief to the vegans. Earlier they were forced to choose between options from
the menu due to limitations in the variety of food available.
But with more and more people getting diet and health-conscious, vegetarian restaurants are
leaving no stone unturned to keep them hooked.
When you come across a situation where you have to face with the prospect of choosing
between options available at non-vegan restaurants, here are a few things you can do when
you step out to have a meal.
● Research in advance
This means doing some background work before visiting the place. If you are meeting
someone there then you can check the menu in advance and pre-decide what you
would like to have. Since menus are these days accessible online, therefore it would be
of great help to you instead of directly going and visiting. If you don’t get satisfied then
obviously you can change the place and it will save you time.
● Veganise the food as per your choice
If you are really health conscious and don’t want to add on extra calories to your diet.
Then you can simply speak to the chef or the waiter to have the customization done
based on your requirements. They will surely be able to help you.
● How to convey your eating requirements
Most of the vegetarian restaurants don’t take your demands of no-dairy seriously if you
tell them that you are a vegan. Instead, you could tell them you are lactose intolerant
and they would be more compelled to comply with your wishes.
This will ensure that your food does not contain any form of dairy.
● Help them understand
If people who are serving you like the waiter or the waitress are receptive around you
can explain to them why you are choosing to eat meat and dairy free food. You never
know if it strikes a chord and by leaving the feedback or suggestions to introduce
dairy-free options, they may actually incorporate them.
● Prepare your list of safe food
If you have options for the kind of vegan food you are likely to find easily in any
restaurant, it would help your cause even further. Food like rice, pasta with arrabbiata
sauce (without cheese), is always your safe bet.
● Carry Some Dry Fruits Or Even Fresh Fruits
If it’s completely unavoidable that you meet someone at a completely
non-vegetarian/non-vegan restaurant, then you’re left with no choice but to not have a
meal over there. To prevent yourself from starving, always keep some dry fruits or fruits
handy to fill yourself till you can get yourself a proper meal at another place.
● You can carry a small pack of non-dairy milk in your bag.
If you’re a coffee/tea addict or lust for those thick fruity and milky shakes, then you
must always play safe to keep your will strong as ever. You can carry a pack of non-dairy
So these are some of the few amazing hacks that we loved and we are sure that they will surely
help you! If you have some interesting inputs, we would love to hear them too!