We all know the last few months have been roughest and terrible owing to the pandemic. It has
brought our lives to a standstill with offices shut, markets crashing, job losses, and whatnot.
And it has particularly given a tough time to the travel industry, hotels, and even restaurants,
who have been forced to navigate everything.
Honestly, this time has been very hard for restaurants as the number of customers has dropped
tremendously. People are hesitant to step out and have gala time like it used to happen before
the pandemic.
Many setups have already been shut owing to the low business generation but few are still
operating with little strength. Though the pandemic is still on and does not seem to end any
soon. Henceforth, ways, and strategies are being devised to bring back life to normal slowly and
But slowly and steadily as lockdowns have been lifted in different places across the world,
people are following guidelines and maintaining social distancing to keep themself safe. Outlets
whether vegetarian restaurants, continental houses, or cafes are excited to welcome diners in.
So to help you prepare for your next dining, we will share a few basic practices which you
should follow for a joyful and loving experience.

  • Don’t forget to wear a mask.
    Staff members are working hard to give you excellent dining experience. They are
    risking their health, so the important thing to ensure is that you are wearing your mask
    all the time. Obviously while eating you can take it off but make sure while you are
    interacting with others you are wearing it all the time.
  • Make your dining reservation in advance.
    If you are planning to spend some quality time with your friends and family, make
    reservations in advance. It will help you avoid unwanted waiting times and will also offer
    you a safe dining experience. It is important to ensure safety for yourself as well as the
    people around you.
  • Keep using sanitizer regularly
    Bring your sanitizer and keep it wherever you go. Before stepping out, don’t expect
    sanitizer to be available everywhere. So ensure you are carrying it every time.
  • Follow the rules as set by the restaurants.
    Everyone has a different approach towards safety and it is equally applicable for
    restaurants as well. So follow the rules which are already laid there for exampletemperature check, use of sanitizer, wearing of masks, and maintaining a safe distance
    while placing orders or billing.
  • Make less number of requests while dining
    If possible try to limit the number of requests to the servers who are taking your orders.
    If possible, try to lay down your requirements in one go, so that it is easier for them as
    well to serve you better and the number of interactions is less.
  • Respect social distancing
    Avoid clustering and creating groups in the restaurant. Stay at your table, and diligently
    follow social distancing to avoid the spread of COVID-19
  • Be patient with the new changes.
    You will notice, your current dining experience would be different from the previous
    ones before the pandemic. There will be a lot of changes, so be patient and have some
  • Go vegan and stay healthy
    It is the time of year when you should dedicatedly follow a healthy diet plan. Customize
    your eating preferences as per your health requirements and if possible, go vegan as it
    will help you stay healthy. Visit vegetarian restaurants that are available to serve you
    with healthy yet nutritious dishes.
    These are the very basic few practices which we feel will help you during these trying times.
    It will take a lot of time to get back to normal life so for the time being this is the new normal.
    As everyone is adjusting to new safety practices, so try to have some patience and follow the
    regulations carefully.
    We all should do our part to stay safe so we can continue to trend in a safe direction.