Anticellulite massage:

Cellulite is made up of unsightly “bumps” and “depressions” resulting from changes in the structure of the subcutaneous fatty tissue of the skin. Cellulite appears for various reasons – heredity, age-related changes, hormonal disorders, obesity, nutritional imbalance, various stresses, etc. The favourite places for cellulite are the stomach, thighs, buttocks. Among several ways to fight cellulite, women mainly opt for an anti-cellulite massage. In women, cellulite is quite common (80-95% of cases), which is explained by the peculiarity of the hormonal profile and the structure of the connective tissue of the skin. In men, cellulite practically does not occur, because their connective tissue fibres, crossing each other, form a barrier against fat cells. Anti-cellulite massage acts on the subcutaneous fatty layer, contributing to its reduction, accelerates the movement of blood, and activates the body’s metabolism. The gradual shift from superficial to deeper techniques using professional cosmetics ensures the effectiveness of the course. The blood circulation is improved to the maximum in the problem areas. The procedure ensures the restoration of microcirculation and the outflow of lymph from the periphery to the centre. The skin is made smooth and elastic by increasing the blood circulation to the fatty tissue. Anti-cellulite massage has a fairly strong mechanical effect, which can cause skin redness. But this redness and discomfort go away after some hours.


This procedure has a complex effect on improving the walls of blood vessels, stimulating the entry and exit of blood lymph into the intercellular fluid of the whole body. The anti-cellulite massage of the thighs, buttocks, and legs tightens the skin of these areas of the body, making them beautiful and elastic. With cellulitis of the subcutaneous fat of the abdomen, blood circulation and bowel function improve, which is especially important for chronic constipation. This method of combating cellulite is especially effective in the early stages of the onset of the problem. Neglected forms also include special diets, contrast treatments, and exercise. It is recommended to perform an anti-cellulite massage in 8 to 15 procedures, each in two days. Many specialists recommend taking massages once in every 2 to 3 weeks. After completing an anti-cellulite massage course, you need to keep working to improve the effect every day in the gym and at home.

Lymphatic drainage massage:

To achieve the best effect, these massages should be done in 10-12 procedures, 2-3 times a week. Massage can also be combined with other methods 1-2 times a week. Customers complete the full course and experience a pleasant feeling of lightness. During a massage with lymphatic drainage, the elasticity and firmness of the skin increase, oedema, cellulite, headaches, chronic fatigue, overweight disappear, the complexion improves. You feel lightness, a surge of strength, a load of gaiety.

Positive effects:

  • Reduces excess weight. this is due to improved metabolism so that the cells in our bodywork better and faster;
  • The body looks younger because all of its organs and tissues receive an abundance of oxygen and nutrients;
  • The possibility of the appearance of cellulite is reduced since the excess intercellular fluid is removed, which contributes to its development;
  • Oedema disappears, various inflammatory processes pass faster, the muscle tissue in the body is restored, the skin becomes elastic and elastic. You are still in good shape, you look attractive and much younger.


During the procedure, a good specialist first heats the surface of the skin with his hands, thereby relieving tension and spasms, and then proceeds to warm up the muscles themselves.

The main thing is to follow this simple sequence and only then proceed to the very pumping of the lymphatic system. There are many different massage techniques. They differ in their execution, a set of cosmetics, but they are all carried out by a specialist who takes into account the individual physiological characteristics of a person. Thus, the massage therapist consistently performs his work, overall affecting the surface and deep tissues. As a result of the procedures, lymphatic flow is normalized, varicose veins (varicose veins) are avoided. By choosing a massage technique for yourself, you will be irresistible, attractive, healthy, and young.