With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing everyone’s life on halt, the world has seen everything
from temporary shutdowns, restrictions, marketplaces closed & a lot more. Due to this
unexpected pandemic businesses have suffered a lot and no one knows for how long the
suffering would continue and when we will be able to revive the economy.
Many businesses have already closed, people have lost their jobs and few of them are
operating with minimal staff to keep things going. But, yes of course on a smaller scale.
As we all know that it is hard for businesses especially restaurants to make their ends meet
therefore our small endeavor in the form of support can help them easily sail through this
tough time.
Here, we bring to you simple yet effective ways whereby you can support locally operating
restaurants you love in your community. It will boost their morale and keep them going with
sustainable resources.

  • Utilizing take away order instead of dining.
    If you are bored of eating the same food amidst the lockdown period and want some
    chirpy change to soothe your mind & taste buds then instead of dining in at your
    favorite hideout you can have the order placed in the form of taking away.
    You can order online and have it picked up from your favorite vegetarian restaurant or
    a cafe. Most restaurants are implementing stringent rules and regulations and are
    offering to take away options for safety. So you can plan to have your meal at home
    with much peace of mind.
  • Give them online reviews and recommendations which will help them maintain a
    positive brand identity.
    If you really want to go the extra mile and do something positive for your favorite
    restaurant then it is the opportunity to do it online. As most individuals are preferring
    shopping and ordering online, therefore, give your favorite restaurants online reviews.
    It will really help them generate more business. These ratings and reviews will go a long
    way in helping to support a business’s reputation and longevity. This feedback will mean
    a lot to their business.
  • Promote them on social media platforms
    Social media platforms are the best way to spread a word. You can promote your
    favorite restaurants and help them boost their audience through any of the social media
    Posting about them on social media is a great way to show support for them in your
    community. You can do this by highlighting what you like about them or what have you
    ordered with a takeout delivery option. This is a fun way to share your experience and
    promote them in your network.
  • Buy voucher if restaurants are offering
    If eating out is not an option for you in your community then you can buy vouchers from
    the restaurants you like. It is a great time to buy gift cards or the vouchers and they
    would also be available at discounted prices. So you can save them for your future self
    or for offering to someone you love.
    These are the few simple yet effective ways to show solidarity to your favorite restaurants be it
    a vegetarian restaurant, or any caffe. If you have more tips or ideas, share with us and our
    community members.
    Let’s support and help each other in these tough times for a brighter future.