Meat eaters at an age of about 50 years have been considered to have a high deficiency rate more than vegans especially in fibre and complicated heart diseases. Vegan advocates argue that there are nothing that animal based diet provides which can also be acquired in plant based diet.

Research found that plants do not have central nervous system (for pain perception) which is very unlikely that plan experience pain. There are another section of vegans called fruiterians these kind of vegan only consume plant based diet which are fruits in nature like beans, nuts, maize etc. 

Some have associated their spirituality to the love of sentient life, which they attributes it to respect of life. They further quote a verse from the holy book that says “Thou shall not kill” which they state that while God was giving the commandment He didn’t mention if it only applied to human life or life of all living creatures.

We are what we eat is another famous saying by vegans, they say what we eat  infuses into cells of our body, which they say affects energetic vibration both in physical, emotional, spiritual and in mental sense. They further encourage fellow vegans to be honest with theirselves and find peace in it.

Vegan restaurant will find it easy to operate and compete in the near future, considering the rate at which people turns into veganism. If you’re considering opening vegan based restaurant be sure to reap big and smile all the way to bank.