Urological massage:

Urological massage is a massage of the testes, prostate, Cooper’s glands, and appendages. It is used to treat urological diseases in women and men. But despite this, representatives of the stronger sex most often turn to this method of treatment due to problems with the genitals. With this procedure, the following diseases are treated: chronic urethritis, spermatorrhea, traumatic inflammation of the testicle and its appendages, etc.

Wellness (hygienic) massage:

Well-being (hygienic) massage is very popular in medicine. It is used to prevent prostatitis, as well as many other diseases. During its treatment, the traditional method of general massage is performed. Deep kneading techniques and powerful rubbing focus on the lower back and legs. The stomach and arms are massaged quite easily. The collar area and the head are warmed when the patient assumes a seated position. In the horizontal position of the patient (lying on the stomach), a segmental massage is performed. First, the masseur kneads the patient’s back, pelvic region (stroking, rubbing, kneading), and sacrum (stroking and rubbing techniques are performed from the outer edge of the sacrum to the inner ridge). After that, the muscles are massaged along the outer edge of the sacrum, and then the gluteal muscles. Minor vibrations above the symphysis are performed with increased tone. The session ends by shaking your back and pelvis.

General massage:

It is a kind of impact on the human body by the power of the hands of the masseur. At the same time, special material can be used to properly treat, cure, and prevent diseases. The procedure has a positive effect on the process of supplying blood to joints and tissues. In a person, the dynamics of the formation and movement of synovial fluid are accelerated, so the muscles become more elastic. Manual exposure can be combined using various material techniques. The most common movements are rubbing, kneading, and vibrating. Typically, an experienced massage therapist begins the session with the back regions, followed by the backs of the legs, shoulders, neck, and back of the head. After that, you can start rubbing the front of the body. Usually, the order, in this case, is the face, arms, and hands, torso, and forelegs. The end of an effective session involves “unifying” the interaction with all parts of the human body. For these purposes, caresses and rubbing are used. A professional massage therapist can relieve the physical stress, anxiety, sadness, and negative emotional history of a person with great quality and skill.

Neck and face massage:

If you want to treat yourself to an effective neck and face massage, it would, of course, be advisable to consult a specialist. However, you can easily do without the services of a professional massage therapist, replacing it with tapping on the skin of the face and neck with your fingers, as well as simple exercises. All you need is a nourishing cream and 10 to 15 minutes of your time a day. By the way, this is not a tedious activity at all and, among other things, it is also a good gymnastics for your fingers.