This city has great quality vegetarian restaurants which are famous among local families and tourists. Here is the list of best vegetarian restaurant in Matara.

Ambasewana Indian Restaurant:

This vegetarian restaurant is located Beach Rd, Matara. This restaurant is famous among tourists and local it has a very beautiful sea. With delicious food you are also going to enjoy sea view there. This restaurant has a large menu which contain south Indian, north Indian, and Sri Lankan vegetarian dishes. They have nice environment with wood dining tables and there is air conditioning. They have well trained staff that are going to help when you are there.

The Dutchman’s Street

This Dutchman’s Street vegetarian restaurant is a Vintage European themed eatery arranged inside the Matara Dutch Fort getting to the Indian Ocean from its Backyard which is perceived as probably the best café in the South. Their food quality, the environment, and staff are devoted to entice you with an Italian and Western Ala’ Carte while causing you to feel at home with our own one of a kind Southern Hospitality. 

Lemon Cafe and Restaurant 

Lemon Cafe and Restaurant with its variety of dishes with the best of Sri Lankan flavors offers you a genuinely nearby and extraordinary culinary experience. They have quality food in a very reasonable price. The environment is very good, they have installed air conditioner. You are going to find south Indian, north Indian and Lankan dishes with fresh juices and sweats. This vegetarian restaurant is locate at Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha. They have nice staff and all staff is well professional in performing their duties.

The Kottu Factory

Theyare energetic about taking care of their clients healthy, sustaining dinners which are liberated from MSG and made with just the freshest fixings which they purchase from chosen providers. Their food is improved with the kinds of bona fide Sri Lankan flavors.  They are specialists in making sizzling kottu, vegetable rice, vegetable brainy, vegetables pizza and burger bites and delicious beverages to set your taste buds on sail. They have cool environment with decorations and nice dining tables. This vegetarian restaurant is located at Balasuriya Mawatha

Mayura Beach Restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant is a very nice place to visit if you are willing to travel in this town. This vegetarian restaurant is close to Matara beach and close to many other restaurants and hotels. They have very reasonable price with good quality food dishes and considering easy beach access. Their environment is very cool, clean and neat. You are also going to get beach view by having your favorite dishes on table. They also provide room for tourists which are well furnished room with all facilities and provide parking nearby restaurant. They serve a large kinds of vegetarian dishes like vegetable rice, biryani, polao, vegetable soup, vegetable pizza, vegetable burger, sandwiches, boiled vegetables, fresh juice and tea. This vegetarian restaurant is located at 33 Beach Rd, Matara, Sri Lanka.