Our immune system is strengthened by massage because massage has a special property, that it makes our muscles strong by giving a relaxing effect. Massage maintains our metabolic system and also reduces the pain in the body. Greeks called massage a magical treatment because it improves the heart rate as well as with mental balance. The people who are depressed can easily get rid of mental stress by taking 2 to 3 sessions of massage. Massage gives a cooling and relaxing effect which is very good for mental disorder patients. Even a healthy person should take massage therapy thrice a year to remain healthy. Our body is a machine which needs relaxation and proper checkup and care after every 2 to 3 months and people who are taking massages know how important massage for their body is. Massage not only improves your health but it also improves your lifestyle because along with massage therapy a healthy diet is compulsory.

Positive effects


Massage therapy is very good for bones and joints. During the massage, a therapist rubs and stretches the body with his hands and this rubbing promotes the composition of the joint cavity fluid. The joint becomes strong because as synovial (the joint cavity fluid) increases in the body of the person who has a joint disorder the friction between his joints reduces. Massage therapy is one of the best prevention of arthritis. We can call massage ancient physiotherapy.

Muscular Apparatus:

After an Impressive and effective physical exertion of massage, the stiffness from muscles is removed. The elasticity of muscle fibres can be increased after 2 to 3 massage therapies. Improvement in the blood circulation slows down the process of atrophy.


Skin tone can be improved and cleaned by massage because massage increases the working of sebaceous glands, these cells are also known as sweat glands. The effective kneeling process of massage removes keratinized cells from the skin and it makes our skin to glow.

Nervous System:

As massage gives a relaxing effect to the muscles so our mental stress is reduced by it so in this way it strengthens the reflexes and reduces the stress and pain from the body. And as reduction of stress takes place in the body internal organs become strong.

Circulatory System:

Massage increases the oxygen level in the inner cells of the body due to this the circulation of blood improves in the body. With the improvement of blood circulation the blood flow in capillaries increases which results in the opening of capillaries.

Lymphatic system:

Massage gives energy to the body which strengthens our body organs and functions. Massage accelerates the lymph flow in the body with the improvement of lymphatic flow vasomotor also improves in the body. The lymphatic system is one of the pillars of the human body.


Massage increases the lymph flow in the body that’s why our excretory system started to work on a greater level with new energy. As Lymph flow improves, the oxygen level of every cell and tissue of the body increases so metabolism in the body improves.