Massage is the very first physiotherapy which we find in history. Massage is also known as ancient physiotherapy. Till now in many new physiotherapy techniques, massage is also used as a basic treatment. Massage helps to reduce the stiffness of muscles that’s why a massage is also a form of physiotherapy. Massage is not only physical treatment but it is also a mental treatment. Many Physiotherapists recommend massage to the patients because massage helps to treat the patient. Even medical science is using most of the massage therapy techniques in its treatments because they know about the magical effects of massage.

Massage for back pain:

Back pain is the most common problem in the job holders nowadays because they usually do work by sitting in the same posture the whole day. And by doing this they are damaging the position of their spine and this is a genuine danger because when the spine gets damaged the functions of the entire body will be affected badly. Firstly if a person is suffering from severe back pain he has to visit a doctor to diagnose the type of back pain he is suffering from. Then after diagnosing he should come to the massage therapist along with the recommendation of a doctor for proper massage therapy. Massage will be done according to the doctor’s prescription because any bad movement on the spine will be very harmful to the patient. If Massage is done at the right time with the right movements, the patient will feel a huge improvement.

Massage for chronic stress:

People or patients who are suffering from any type of chronic stress or depression can be treated with the help of massage therapy. Neck and collar massage is the most famous massage technique which is used in the massage therapy of a mental disorder patient. In this massage therapy, the specialist smoothly and slowly massaged the patient’s neck and collar portion along with his back so by doing this his muscles can relax. When a  patient’s muscles start to relax the circulation of blood improves and the patient’s stress level starts to decrease.   Foot massage and Ayurvedic massage is also used in the treatment of chronic stress or depression.

Massage for weakness:

Many people started feeling weak after a hectic office routine so to remove that feeling they should go to a massage centre at the end of every weekend. For this neck and back massage is needed with strong kneading and rubbing. This rubbing and choking give you a fresh feeling and you will feel a new strength in your body.

Massage for heaviness in the legs:

If a person is involved in physical work such as he is doing a job in which some physical work is required. After doing some physical work he will feel heaviness in his legs. The only solution to this heaviness is a foot massage twice a month. In this massage therapy, a specialist slowly and smoothly massages the foot of the person who is suffering from the problem. After the massage therapy, the stiffness in the leg muscles will be reduced.