Vegan community have been promoting vegan eating through restaurant outreach campaigns, by encouring hotels to do vegan menus and trying to change customers minds. Also they’ve been campaigning for particular days in a weeks to be strictly reserved for vegan eating, sweeping from Washington DC through to Los Angeles and in so doing people have bought the idea and it is reported that people have been practicing the same in their homes.

In India a great number of people have been practicing veganism, claims indicates that India leads in veganism which is attributed to the fact thatost Indian believes in animal purity, in there worship places Indian have imagery of a cow/bull which they much believe to be sacred. A cow/bull is one of Hindu dieties which has be reserved for over centuries.

A survey conducted by the Indian government 23-37% of Indian population is believed to be practicing veganism, with such a huge population veganism is highly appreciated in this part of the world. Mahatma Gandhi who led India into becoming an independent nation shied away from dairy products consumption after being disgusted by cow-blowing a traditional dairy practice where air is blown through a cow vigana so a to stimulate milk production. It is stated in Gandhi biography that Gandhi describes such practice as perverse violence and vowed not to undertake products of such kind.

In India there are two growing movements, on one hand there is one which when exposed to social media and as the world becomes smaller due to globalization veganism is increasingly embrace while another one is where as economy grows and people disposable income increases there is more consumption of meat and dairy products.