In this section we’re going to look at some compassionate and curated shopping experience of a vegan. A vegan shopping list is nothing short of cheap and affordable plant based products, ranging from vegetables which are readily available in an open market set-up to cereals which are produced in million metrictonnes produced annual in almost every country in world except Asian and other cold continents.

It is estimated that a vegan person can consume products of a value not more than $100 a month, this puts a vegan as the least spender as compared to a person who’s not vegan not vegetarian.

A good number of vegans have come out to champion for animals rights, they describes the nature in which animals are slaughtered as a disgusting experience. Some goes further ahead and challenges the slaughtering industry to come up with a way of reducing suffering to the animal while slaughtering them. The idea animal right watchdogs are trying to envision is to modernise slaughter industries so as to alleviate painful experiences felt by the animals.

Vegan community are encouraging its members to come out and forge a brighter future where animals rights will be taken seriously the way human rights are adhered to. Others are trying to get their government to recognize vegan day as national celebratory day in their calenders.

An average vegan in Kenya can have ugali a famous food made using maize flour and water, kale or spinach or cabbage cooked using corn oil or have mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale or spinach or other traditional vegetables which are locally and readily available. A meal cooked using the produce mentioned will cost not more than a $1 which is very affordable and nutritious whereas a non vegan can go double or triple the figure for a days meal.