People who have recently adopted a vegan lifestyle, for them we can truly relate and
understand the struggles are actually real. Many new turned vegans often complain about not
being able to maintain consistency with their will when it comes to following a plant based diet
due to several reasons.
For them, we have prepared a list of smart tips that will help them on the go while they step
out for dining in a vegetarian restaurant or a nonvegetarian one. If you are one of the those
who have willingly adopted this new lifestyle then these tips might really work for you-
● Try a fun beverage
When food options are limited and you are not really sure how to satisfy your quest for
delicious food then treat yourself with a fun and non-alcoholic beverage. Even if the
food options are limited it will still feel special to have a fun drink you normally wouldn’t
● Look for ethnic cuisines
Many vegetarian restaurants offer cuisines that have a lot of “naturally” vegan options
but if you have landed up yourself in a nonvegetarian restaurant then you can easily
have them modified. If you visit the one that offers ethnic cuisines like India, Mexican
then you can find many options for yourself.
● Many search engine tools offer information you are looking for even in restaurants. You
can look for them to help you find the best one in your vicinity. The ratings and reviews
would also be helpful to learn more about the place.
● Plan to look for an online menu
Whether you are attending a family gets together or any personal event you can check
the menus available online. If there are a couple of vegetarian options or dishes that can
be modified then you can speak to the team in advance. You can call them in advance
and check if they can accommodate a vegan.
● Many restaurants many times don’t put up vegetarian menus on the table. Therefore,
you can check with them for the same.
● Get creative with sides
There are times when vegetarian menu items can be made vegan quite easily by just
replacing the butter for oil or leaving off the cheese. You can try being creative as per
your preferences by having few sides of rice, beans, and veggies.
● Let your voice be heard.
We mean, go online tell your concerns and they might be addressed based on your
feedback. You can either do it online or in person by discussing it with the staff. Ideally,
do it online as the team will be reading and taking note of common requests!
These were some of the smart tips that can help you deal with any such kind of dining
experience as a vegan. The good news is that more and more restaurants are becoming
sensitive to user preferences based on dietary restrictions and allergies, and are opening up
new options on menus for those who need them. In addition to this, the more demand there is
for something, the more chance there will be in the future.
We personally feel that all restaurants must have a dedicated vegan menu as a mandatory
norm allowing them to have more options to dine and enjoy freely.