The most famous vegetarian restaurant in Sri Lanka is Sri Vihar which is quite famous among citizens and tourists for its delicious and quality food dishes. They serve dosas, thalis and idlis as well as some north Indian dishes. When you are in Sri Vihar restaurant following services and facilities you’re going to access:

  1. FOOD

The Sri Vihar is well known for its unique food taste of south Indian dishes such as North Indian thalli, onion oothappam, chillie parata, Sri special fried rice, aloo parata, mushroom butter masala, aloo parata, mushroom butter masala, samosas idly, dosa, chats, desserts, dosai(paneer dosai, paper paneer dosai) and juices. There is Lasse drink and some special south Indian fresh drinks which will be available at the spot. Their tea is quite popular for its taste. The sweats are also available at this restaurant and you are also going to see the foreigners while having meal with your loved one. Food quality is very impressable. Since the establishment of this restaurant they have maintained their quality standards. This veg restaurant is first option for tourists unless you are not a vegetarian lover. If you are looking for best quality food veg restaurant in Sri Lanka, this is the best option. Their prices are very reasonable according to the quality and services they provide. This restaurant is full vegetarian. When you talk about the quality of food, food is great and the prices also reasonable and affordable.


This restaurant is at a great location, within walking distance from Thummulla. They have parking slots and special services for foreigners. They have clean and neat environment with air conditioning service. The sitting arrangement is quite impressive, separate family hall is also available.


They have well trained staff with professional skills in serving. The staff is very polite and helping in deciding your order and other things. The service in this veg restaurant is a little bit slow because it is always filled with customers although they have large number of servers. Every dishes mentioned in menu in an efficient way so it is easy to understand for both local and tourists customers who are vegetarian lovers. This is a popular Indian food restaurant in Colombo. Mostly people notice this place while passing Thummulla junction because of the traffic caused by customers while getting in and out of the car park front of the restaurant.


If some want to eat south and north Indian vegetarian food this Sri Vihar veg restaurant is the best option available in Colombo Sri Lanka. The Food is having unique and delicious taste in a very affordable and reasonable prices. The favorite choices of dishes that the mostly customer picked are the paper masala dose, south and north Indian thallis and idly Also there are rice and curry which is very famous among locals. Place is quit noisy and really busy. But you must try at least once when you have chance to go there.