Classification of popular techniques:

Massage is one of the best ways to prevent and treat many diseases. Mankind is unknown to the old traditional ways to treat different ailments. Long ago almost thousands of years ago people used to treat chronic diseases and disorders with their hands. In the past, people used to treat patients by rubbing and kneading. Today we are living in a time when medical science has made a lot of achievements and development but massage techniques are still used in the treatment of patients. The most popular types of massage techniques are common in every area of the world but there exist some techniques also which are special and traditional. 

The Balinese Massage Technique:

Anyone who has visited Asia for a holiday or any other reason knows very well about the Balinese massage therapy. If you have been to Asia and you haven’t taken a Balinese massage so, unfortunately, you have missed one of the most important parts of the trip. In Asia, people usually say Balinese massage is a magical massage because it gives a soothing effect to the body. It leaves a deep and relaxing effect on the muscles. This massage is a combination of Indian ayurvedic herbs and aromatherapy. Balinese is considered as a diamond massage. In only one Balinese massage session you will feel a reduction in stress level or any other depression and start to feel improvement in the blood circulation. Balinese massage is the same as neck and collar massage but it includes limbs and back as well. Balinese massage will strengthen your body with impressive energy. This massage reduces the tension in the muscles and gives them elasticity. A massage session usually takes an hour. Depression, allergies, nervous disorders, sports injuries, asthma, gastritis and insomnia are the major diseases which can be healed by the help of Balinese massage.

The Aromatic Massage Technique:

A practising massage therapist and aromatherapist work wonders. Aroma massage is one of the best techniques to reduce your stress level and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are going through a difficult situation in your life or if you are having some problems in your professional life, don’t worry, you only have to attend one session of aroma massage. This massage technique is very good for mental health because it lowers your stress level. The mixture of special oils is used in this massage. The positive impact of aromatic massage is not only on the physical level but also on the psycho-emotional level. This massage is used to get rid of muscle fatigue. Abnormal weight loss, insomnia, loss of the appetite can be treated with aromatic massage therapy. This massage is also very famous in some parts of Europe due to its name because the word aromatic is derived from the word aroma which means fragrance. Many people don’t know about this massage technique because it is rare and unique massage therapy but it has many benefits. Many doctors in Europe prescribe their patients to take the session of aromatic massage therapy.