There are different types of massage such as lymphatic drainage massage and acupressure (impact on certain points) massage, sports and medical massage, mechanical and manual massage. Irrespective of gender or sex, the female body gets huge benefits from massage. In the female, massage helps the body to increase the production of endorphins and hormones of joy. Just in the initial 15 to 20 minutes of the massage, our mental activities increased and muscles started to relax and due to this our blood circulation improves in the body.

Massage is the prevention of diseases of internal organs:

If you are surprised by reading the title so you don’t have to be surprised by this because our spinal column plays an important role in the working of internal organs. The working of internal organs can be negatively affected if there is a small deviation in the spinal column. The functioning of internal organs can be maintained with the help of regular massage. Besides the improvement of blood circulation, it also reduces the tension in the muscles. According to doctors’ recommendations, every person should take a massage twice a year for a healthy life. 

helps fight neuroses:

In some severe nervous disorders or diseases, doctors highly recommend massage. According to the World Health Organization, every 3rd person is somewhere suffering from a stage of nervous disorder or neurosis. Massage therapy promotes positivity in people who are office workers or engaged in other mental activities. Some major symptoms of neuroses are sleep disturbances, aggressiveness and tearfulness, increased emotional excitability, anxiety, pessimism. If a person finds any of two symptoms in him then he has to make an appointment with a massage therapist. Massage also helps in the prevention of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Improves Skin Tone:

Along with skin complexion the lymph flow, blood circulation and all the other functioning of internal organs can be improved by massage. A Massage gives a new life to the skin; it stops the ageing process of the skin. It works as an anti-ageing agent. The smoothness of skin increases after some sessions of massage and your skin starts to glow. A good massage therapist is very important for a good massage therapy otherwise if your specialist is not up to the mark then you could have to face some consequences like fever, heart diseases, acute fever etc.

Increases Oxytocin Levels:

As we know massage reduces the mental stress and pain of the body so in this way it increases the production of oxytocin levels in the body. The production of oxytocin hormone takes place in the hypothalamus. Oxytocin enters into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland. This hormone is also known as the love hormone because it involves childbirth and the process of reproduction. As it involves the process of reproduction so it is very important for lactation and pregnancy. There are many benefits of oxytocin on the body such as it increases the secretion of prolactin in the body of a woman, It smoothes and softens the muscles of the uterus, it also smoothes the muscles of mammary glands.