The lifestyle of people in the modern era is very busy and hard. To achieve the goal a person is losing his health and he doesn’t care about the health he just wants to achieve his goal and by doing this he has to face the serious consequences of this sooner or later. A good lifestyle is very important for our health. We have to take care of ourselves for the creation of a healthy society. A man of the modern era only needs a good adviser because everything has been invented before us. To make your body healthy and fit or to remove mental stress a man of the modern era must take 2 to 3 massage therapies in a year.

Scientific experiments:

We can also find in history about massage. Massage has a brief history, the fighters of Ancient Greece and Rome heal their bodies with a massage. Massage is a self-healing process in which the whole body is relaxed not just physically but mentally as well. Today with the help of ancient massage techniques we can heal many diseases and many disorders. Massage is used in the prevention of many mental disorders such as bipolar, depression and other disorders. Massage also saves internal organs by its special properties. Scientists have done many types of research and experiments on massage therapy. In the research, a person who is suffering from a severe mental disorder is subjected to massage therapy for 2 weeks and they have seen an improvement in the mental state of the patient within no time. According to the patient, his anxiety decreased due to massage therapy. The second experiment is done on the new premature babies. There were a total of 40 babies, half of them were subjected to massage therapy and the other halves were not massaged. At the end of the experiment, the scientists observed a  50 % improvement in the body conditions of the babies who were subjected to massage. These are experiments which show that science also promotes the massage techniques due to its healing properties.

The mechanism of action of stroking:

A best and high quality of massage therapy could only be done by a massage specialist who has a huge experience in this field. This therapy is also a source of rehabilitation and recovery of chronic diseases. Muscles disorders, Skeletal disorders, pain in different parts of the body could also be treated and maintained by using massage therapy. The main property or trait of muscle therapy is that it gives positivity to a person because when our body is in a state of relaxation it improves our mental and emotional conditions. The mechanical effect of massage on the spine improves the flow of blood circulation and our body organs become enriched with oxygen. Our excretory system functionality improves because of the improved circulation of blood. Removal of toxic hormones takes place during this technique or therapy. Massage is different for different organs. Spine massage is for internal organs, facial massage is for epidermal skin, Massage for pregnant women is different from other massage therapies.