Choosing and finding a suitable restaurant to wine and dine is becoming an art. It is no longer just about the great food, it’s becoming equally important to consider the ambience and décor of the restaurant. Restaurant owners are also not letting patrons down they have spiced up their restaurants with great interior designs and outlooks. 

These trendy restaurants located in Colombo Sri Lanka trendy restaurants are on a mission to stand out from the crowd and provide Social media worthy images, ambiance and décor for their patrons. Here are 7 Sri Lanka Restaurants that are stylish, and we absolutely fell in love with the décor.

  1. Paradise Road Restaurant

Paradise road was established in 1987 by celebrated design entrepreneur Udayshanth Fernando. It’s started as a gallery shop that celebrates art and design, with enough space to explore they opened stylish restaurants and bars.

Paradise Road Restaurant provides a modern café experience with delicious healthy food. A Modern, Healthy, Gourmet experience. Café style food.

  1. Kaema Sutra 

Kaema Sutra is a restaurant located on 4th Floor of the Shanri-La hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The restaurant offers brilliant bird’s eye view of the Indian ocean.

The details left us in awe; very unique and you can tell some very thorough thought process went into their designs

  1. Flamingo House

Flamingo restaurant in Sri Lanka is where contemporary meets with hints of Asian inspiration, indulgent textures and high-end spaces. The interior evokes an image of serenity and tranquil calm, giving you a sense of privacy without boundaries.

  1. Shang Palace

Shanga Palace is a Chinese restaurant located in Galle face Colombo Sri Lanka. The restaurant is Chinese themed that takes its interior décor inspirations from modern Chinese décor  such as lighting material and Chinese patterns bringing to life a colourful, modern interior design experience.

  1. Nihonbashi Restaurant

Nihonbashi restaurant is a Japanese restaurant in Colombo Sri Lanka. Nihonbashi literary means ‘Japan Bridge’. The restaurant design celebrates the marriage of Japanese & Sri Lanka fare in a unique contemporary urban style. It features a bamboo walls and serene rock gardens that exudes  warmth and welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Curry Leaf

Curry leaf is a restaurant that specifically focuses on Sri Lankan cuisines, it is located inside the Hilton Hotel in Colombo. The interior is a blend of  rich wooden colour and contemporary interior and open space location with amazing lighting all around. 

Next time you find yourself in Colombo Sri Lanka, ‘snap away’- lights, camera, action. Document these moments of food meets art and design.

  1. Lords Restaurant Complex

The restaurant is located in Negombo, Sri Lanka. At different spaces in the Lords Complex, you will find Art and Sculptures by Sri Lankan Artists. T.V.S Menaka. The interior designs at Lords Creative provided unique ambiance and contemporary provoking art.

Next time you visit Sri Lanka, dine at the these restaurants snap a photo, post on social media and document this great locations for future reference and memory.