Increasing awareness of the medical advantages of a plant-based eating routine has incited veggie-adoring restaurants to spring up over the Dehiwala-Mount, Sri Lanka. With an assortment of impacts, imaginative turns, and top notch arrangement, there is considerably more than plate of mixed greens on the advanced vegetarian menu. We have chosen top veg restaurants which provide delicious and quality for veggies lover. Here is the list:

Habibiz Sri Lanka

This vegetarian restaurant Habibiz is a multi-cooking vegetarian restaurant that is propelled by the best thoughts and presenting to you the top, best dishes under one rooftop. They have a broad menu, including Indian, Arab, Chinese, Italian, Western, and obviously, Sri Lankan foods, you make certain to not be left baffled. With an enormous eating zone, this veg restaurant can take into account huge family social affairs, corporate lunch/supper or even oblige a huge gathering of companions. You can just book a table over a phone. They serve Vegetable Sweet Corn Soup, Salad (Mixed, Corn, and Onion), Vegetable Biryani, Paneer Biryani, Vegetable Fried Rice, Paneer Fried Rice, Vegetables Noodles, Vegetable Kottu, Channa Masala, Boiled Seasonal Vegetables, Mixed Vegetable Curry and much more on menu. It is located at 53A Allen Ave.

Royal Vege

This vegetarian restaurant serve dishes that are fresh, hearty and simply unforgettable. They have a perfect vegetarian menu crafted to tantalize your taste buds. They serve Masala Dosa, Cauliflower Curry, Indian Breads (butter naan, paneer naan, and garlic naan), vegetable (rotty, rolls, samosa, and cutlet), kottu (roti, pittu, string hopper, and pol rotti), vegetable biryani, channa rice, fried rice, lemon rice, south Indian varieties, curry dishes, hot and cold beverages, and much more available to choose from menu.

They have professional staff and their environment is very clean and neat. There have nice dining halls with separate family sitting option. They also provide parking without any charge. This veg restaurant is located at Galle road.

Dwaraka Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant is quite popular among local families. Dwaraka is an Indian vegetarian restaurant which provide modern North Indian and South Indian cuisine. They are located at Old Quarry Road with a convenient parking slot. This vegetarian restaurant was established five years ago and has grown drastically since then. Dwaraka serves traditional yet delicious menu straight from India. They serve masala dosa, channa masala, vegetarian biryani, chili paneer dry, sambar vadai, kathi roll, and fresh juices such as flauda.

Sinhara Family Restaurant

This vegetarian restaurant is popular among Youngers. They serve lots of varieties. They have well designed dining hall, family hall, a pub and their decoration is so good. Although their rates are slightly higher but as the quality of food is so perfect so that’s not a big deal for veggie lovers if they love to eat fresh dishes and fast food with good quality. Their staff is well trained, nice environment and they have parking system. They serve dishes such as hot butter mushroom, potato wedges, homemade vegetable soup, and cucumber/onion salad, and much more. This vegetarian restaurant is located at Galle road.