Vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products whereas a restaurant is a place where meals are prepared and served to paying customers, when the two words are conjoined it describes a place where meals with an exception of animal products are prepared and served to paying customers. The word vegan should not be confused with vegetarian, the latter avoids meat while the former avoids animal products in it’s entirety.

In the US, veganism has continued to increase exponentially with a research performed by Gallup in 2012 revealing that vegan stood at 2% as at the time of research but 6 years down the line the number had increased by 50% to reach an estimated percentage of 3%. It is for this reason that pushed the economic value of plant based product to grow over the same period..

Vegan restaurant have recently gained a huge following ranging from customers who are vegan and those that are vegetarian, this has therefore pushed restaurants to try an accomodate them with an aim of maintaining a good customer relation. This restaurants have been forced to craft a vegan-friendly menus which they might succeed 100% if they introduce meat substitute’s such as tofu, tempeh, seitan, mushroom or jackfruit among other non-animal produce.

The benefits offered by veganism have been described as immeasurable most of them are health related, there are claims that plant-based products help in maintaining blood pressure level which in turns lowers the risk of heart disease others are cholesterol, stroke, prostate cancer, premature death among other diseases. Cooks in vegan restaurants are enjoying a wide range of freedom while designing their menus contributed by unexplored vegan culinary.

Dubai which is the capital city of United Arab Emirates is home to the largest vegan restaurant called Veganity, Veganity made a name for itself in 2017 when the restaurant launched a meal delivery service which it’s main intention was to deliver vegan food to it’s customers in their homes.

Most of the people who have turned to vegan did so by attributing consumption of animal based product to animal suffering while being slaughtered, most of them are championing for animal welfare and rights.