There are a section of Kenyan community which is strictly vegan, in Majengo slums in the capital there are a section of around 200 people who adhere to 100% animal cruelty free diet, they usual come together at lunch time then they start beating drums which they say its paying homage to nature before enjoying a hearty meal.

There are some restaurants in the capital that has vegan based menus, example is Kilimanjaro restaurant where one can find steamed rice, cabbage, fermented plants and fruit juice. An esteemed customer once noted that before transitioning to vegan, she attested that she started by moving to white meat first then later she was advised by her doctor to completely let go animal products after developing heart complications.

Dr. Vishali Shah noted that noted that red meat is known to increase Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and Type II diabetes, he further stated that more patients have started heeding to doctors advice when it come to eating plant based meals. Though most of the aforementioned diseases are categorized a mythological diseases, people have started to realize that they are more of lifestyle diseases.

Plants based market have continued to grow exponentially in the Kenya economy, with tonnes of supermarkets, open market and grocery shops stocking more of plant based products. With the growing enlightenment of veganism more and more people will subscribe to the idea of going vegan.