Veganism is a globally recognized practice, with some of the most largest cities having some big restaurants offering vegan designed cuisine, the most astonishing thing about this restaurants is the fact that they have a sign indicated that the restaurant have vegan food. In most instances other restaurants which are not purely vegan also indicates that they offer vegan based menus apart from their normal menu.

The vegans sometimes tend to refuse to undertake a meal in a restaurant that isn’t purely vegan because a thought of the same meal he or she intends to pertake was prepared alongside other non vegan meals, this type of veganism has been described as extreme.

Veganism has also been associated to being spiritually upright, that is to say some vegan doesn’t consider themselves vegan for the sake of it, others have stated that they turned vegan cause they want to avoid product of death and violence, though debate have sparkle some arguing that death and killing comes as a part of nature. 

Some says they kill for the love of the taste animal meat gives, but to a larger extend some questions if they should actually raise animals just to kill them when they mature. Raising animal in the current conventional way (Artificial) has lead to more killings of animals just to satisfy the ever rising demand.

Vegan argues that the focus on organically raised animals ignores ethical issues, as such animals will still be killed and thus the practice is unnecessary since people can enjoy a animal free meals without straining much. In human health most informed scientist advocate for food plant with a much focus in dark green plant diet.