In an African set-up, most people practice seasonal veganism which is by chance and not by choice as stated by Nnaemeka Ugochuku a lawyer and writer, in his article dated 4th November, 2017 he categorically reiterated that people in Africa eat meat and other animal products as a luxurious meal and more often as a supplement and not the main dish. Africa is a rich continent in terms of vegan cuisine, some people in this part of the continent can go for several months without eating animal products.

In most home in Africa people usually eat imported rice, yam, beans, ugali, kales or traditional vegetables. One can eat the same type of food repeatedly for months without complaining this has lead to some suggestions that Africa is the most viable country to go vegan. Africa being a diverse country is home to various cultures with high end hotels already considering vegan customers. 

Some have gone vegan as a results of trying to be compassionate towards animals, other have gone to an extent of publicizing animal friendly restaurants in the nearby cities. Though in this part of the continent it is hard to distinguish between veganism and vegetarianism.

African delicies are mouth watering with most of these delicacy sour in taste which makes a person want to eat more every time. Am not sure if there is science explanation about the claim but most native Africans attributes “sourness” to the urge to eat more.