UK is considered to be the fastest growing city in terms of veganism, with an estimate of 150,000 vegan reported in 2014, it was forecasted that by 2020 the number would have increase by over 400%. 

Some prominent figures have come out clear about their veganism, some turn to vagan just for the love of animal whereas others for health reasons. Among them is the former US president who joined veganism after an emergency heart surgery back in 2010. In his statement the former head of state stated that he wanted to live long to be a grandfather, thus the need to change his diet. Others are Tom Brady the NLF player, Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams the former went vegan after giving birth to her daughter while the latter joined the community for health reasons.

Ariana Grande told The Mirror that the love for animals made her to go vegan, she reiterated that she loves animal more she love most people. Sia an animal rights advocate announced on Twitter in 2014 that she was going fully vegan, Sia has for a while been championing for Animals rights. 

Ellie Goulding has been vegetarian for years, she told The Cut she was transitioning to veganism. Benedict Cumberbatch of the the most hyped film Avengers was 2018 name PETA’s Most Beautiful vegan. Other celebrities who have come out concerning their veganism are Zac Efron, Beyonce, Jason Mraz, Natalie Portman, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth, Peter Dinklage of the Game of Throne, Joaquin Phoenix among others the list is endless.

Debates never seize in this type of subject, with honey not yet known if it should be categorized under vegan diet or not. Restaurants are advised to caution their customers if honey is in the diet. Other customers who are extremely vegan might avoid sitting on seat or wearing shoes made using leather, they associate such animal articles to cruelity the animals might have gone through.

People have been asking for procedures to use if the want to go vegan, well! there is no specific formula on becoming vegan, it only take diet discipline, a willing heart and a bit of time. Some begins by going vegetarian before they knew it they’ve turn vegan.