The world has seen a significant shift in eating preferences especially in the vegetarian diet and
over the years veganism has become an in-vogue dietary trend.
Whether you are reading a book, newspaper, or following any social media channel you will
notice veganism has found its way in your day to day reading materials too.
Although veganism is “in-fashion” and is also one of the things right now, there are more than
one reasons to eat more plant proteins rather than just following the trend.
Eating a healthy diet for fitness and improved health is anytime a great option. Whether you
are changing your eating habits for motivation or you want to embrace a plant-based diet, you
will greatly get benefitted. And today we will share with you the great reasons why you should
increase the intake of plant proteins in your diet.

  • It is a healthy diet and earth-friendly too
    Diet rich in plant protein is not only animal friendly but earth-friendly too.
  • You will be surprised to know that it is critical for fighting climate change too. Eating
    plant proteins can help intensify the fight against climate changePlant Protein Fights
    Climate Change.
    It is important to note if consumption of beef is reduced or replaced with plants then
    the average diet would produce as less as70 lbs of carbon dioxide annually.
  • It is a complete protein
    Earlier experts used to think that plant protein is not a complete protein and that a
    balanced diet needs animal protein. For example- the inclusion of meat. Indeed, many
    plant proteins don’t include all 9 amino acids that our body needs. But some plant foods
    like chia seeds, maca powder contain all 9 essential amino acids.
    If you try to include them in your diet regularly then you are getting complete proteins
    that are essential for growth and development.
  • They help builds Muscle
    If you want to put on muscle mass and increase your strength with stamina, then plant
    proteins are also a good option. It is a myth that only animal proteins can help build
    muscles. This is actually not true.
    If you are following a vegan diet, make sure to include different types of a plant-based
    diet in every snack or meal. Like you can include nuts and legumes in one meal, and soy
    and whole grains in another.
    They are not costly and are rich in nutritious value. You can store them easily so you can
    also buy them in bulk.
  • It can help you control or Reduce Colorectal Cancer Risk
    Colorectal cancer is often caused due to diet issues and in individuals who follow a
    vegetarian diet, it is even less than 22% lower than the meat-eaters.
  • It can help decrease Arthritic Pain
    Many individuals suffer from the extreme pain of Arthritis due to which joints become
    inflamed. Based on the research it has been observed that decreasing the intake of
    animal protein can help improve the arthritis pain.
  • Plant Protein helps to promote good health
    Plant proteins promote good health in more than one way. They are responsible for the
    reduction of developing diabetes, cholesterol, and lots more. It also assists with the
    control of blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes and even reduces the risk of heart
    attacks and stroke.
    Eating plant-based diets will improve your chances of maintaining great health. Getting a
    healthy dose of proteins will also provide you with an array of minerals and vitamins.
    To maintain your dietary habits even when you’re out with family or friends, we recommend
    you choose a great vegetarian restaurant which provides the right kind of nutritious value.
    Today, many vegetarian restaurants offer great cuisines options to choose from. So, we are
    sure you will never miss or crave for your past eating habits.
    Research has indicated that vegetarians have more intake of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as
    folate, fiber, non-heme iron, calcium, magnesium, and riboflavin as compared to meat-eaters.
    Whether you are an animal lover, or you care for the environment or you are extremely health
    conscious, the reasons to eat more plant protein outweigh any reasons you could have for
    eating meat.
    Up your fitness quotient and increase the intake of plant proteins and experience many of the
    benefits for yourself.